NCR Silver Pro iPad POS Software

NCR Silver Pro software


What busy restaurant owners need nowadays to help them through in managing their business everyday is a powerful but simple-to-use cloud-based POS solution. NCR Aloha POS and Touchpoint Hospitality offer NCR Silver Pro software, designed to run on the iPad and the iPad Mini, can help you become more efficient, grow your sales and increase your profitability.


See below what it can for you and your business –


Accomplish transactions with ease


Taking orders and making sales from this POS software is enhanced for different types of venues, including table service, quick service, bars and fast casual restaurants. The important functions, like modifiers, kitchen printing, takeout and delivery, or tip distribution, are all here but simplified to get your restaurant up-and-running in no time.


Travelling somewhere – take your restaurant with you


You can access your restaurant’s performance and reports securely from anywhere with direct access to all of your most important information since it is a cloud-based POS solution.


Promote your business through email and social marketing


Focus on nurturing your buyer persona by using creative templates for social media and email marketing to increase sales and connect with your customers digitally. With the ability to track customer behavior and send personalized promotions and large scale campaigns, you’ll learn more about your customers, gain new ones and turn your repeat customers into your biggest fans.


Implement NCR Silver Pro quickly


With a low cost of entry and quick, professional implementation support, you will be able to get up and running quickly. NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition is easy to set up and is available as a subscription service at Touchpoint Hospitality.


Looking for non-stop reliability, innovative design and a low total cost of ownership?