Complete Drive Thru Solutions


With Outdoor Order Confirmation Screens, Drive Thru timers, car presence detectors


NCR POS providers now have the capability to integrate technologies that improve restaurant operations for their customers – especially quick service establishments with a drive-thru lane. Touchpoint Hospitality is proud to offer Aloha POS complete drive thru solutions that will provide your business a digital display of real-time data on speed, accuracy, and ticket averages for an efficient drive-thru performance.


With Accuview Order Confirmation Board (OCB) or outdoor confirmation screens – your order accuracy will improve, service speed will accelerate, and food sales will increase through upsell and cross-sell messages. The LED backlit, sunlight-readable screen changes images automatically by daylight. Accuview integrates seamlessly with your POS and offers multiple mounting options, including stand-alone pedestal or canopy mount.


With the 3M Drive-Thru Timer –  your customer experience will be enhanced thru the efficiency of its drive-thru operations. This Drive-Thru Timer system is a powerful technology that will give you real-time visibility into your drive-thru operations while providing the necessary metrics to make adjustments. Key is the installation of drive-thru loops, which are activated by the presence of a vehicle at both the order confirmation board and the window. Once activated, the loops then set off both the timer and the employee’s headset.


Drive-thru data can be accessed at the store through easy-to-view displays for the crew and managers, while reports are available to management from any location via a web interface. Likewise, POS customer displays are made available for your customers who want to view their purchases during checkout.


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