NCR Back Office Inventory Software

NCR Aloha Back Office Inventory


One very important focus area in the restaurant business is the cost of food. Reducing food costs by highlighting variances, supporting contract pricing and streamlining communication with suppliers can all be achieved through our NCR Back Office Inventory software.


While another award winning Back Office Solutions which is the NCR Back Office Labor Management Software reduces your labor cost, let us first view how NCR Aloha Back Office Inventory software helps you control your food cost –


* Your visibility into inventory and recipe management, purchasing, cash management and reporting will improve.


* Profitability will increase by comparing and analyzing actual to theoretical costs. It provides dynamic views of all food cost items. It can forecast your future sales amounts, product mix and guest count down to the 15-minute interval.


* You will be provided with real-time cost of goods sold based on latest prices or FIFO (first in first out) and quick shelf-to-sheet inventory counts with drag and drop configurations.


* Supports product transfers between stores, including automatic notification and reconciliation.


* Gives you an account of events that can change sales activity and affect profitability, recommends purchase orders based on trend and delivery schedules to eliminate waste and over ordering, translates historical sales consumption and projected sales forecasts into production needs and builds custom production schedules by day, shift or prep station.

Pinpointing unnecessary spending and optimizing production and purchasing are just a few components that help you manage costs with NCR Aloha Back Office Inventory Software.

Looking for non-stop reliability, innovative design and a low total cost of ownership?