POS Terminals with Biometric Readers

NCR POS terminals with biometric readers


Let Touchpoint Hospitality run your operations on NCR’s built-for-purpose, biometrically enabled POS terminals. Our hardware is designed to endure harsh and high transaction environments, so your business can keep running without delays.


Our P1230 compact unit and P1530 popular terminals will help you balance between your business needs and cost constraints.


Furthermore, NCR through its POS solutions, has integrated biometric fingerprint technology. This helps retailers to use fingerprint authentication to create a verifiable, user-unique audit trail that can facilitate authentication and monitoring of POS terminal access, track employee time and attendance, and help manage override voids and returns. The use of fingerprint authentication helps eliminate common productivity problems in the restaurant environment related to time and attendance system inaccuracies or abuses.


Along with these, we also offer a variety of peripherals, such as cash drawers, kitchen displays and POS printers, to meet your needs.


Call us now and place your order. Let our NCR POS Terminals and Peripherals work for your business.

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