NCR Labor Management Software

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Labor cost is a critical area that restaurant owners should always monitor. Your business’ financial stability will be greatly impacted without a detailed insight into your staff’s total work hours. NCR Aloha and Touchpoint Hospitality offer NCR Back Office Labor Management Solutions which is a cloud-based back office tool to help you manage labor.


Here are the benefits that you can get from this award winning software:


* You will be able to centrally and effectively manage all your staff across your organization. You can even access reports securely from anywhere through your internet connection.

* You can increase staffing by comparing scheduled vs. actual labor with a wide variety of analytical tools.


* Aloha & NCR Back Office Labor Management systems allows you to view critical reports that summarize labor time, cost and percent of sales.


* This software also produces collective and easy to read schedules in graphical formats.


* It fully supports employee borrow and transfer between sites and auto-completes government tax forms.


* You will be provided with custom payroll exports and tracks worked and non-worked hours.


To summarize it all, NCR Back Office Labor Management software will help you cut down on your  labor cost by eliminating unnecessary overtime through forecast labor scheduling to maximize employee productivity, support employees between sites for accurate labor cost and base staffing needs on configurable key volume drivers to ensure absolute guest satisfaction.


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