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NCR Aloha kitchen software


Use Aloha Kitchen to ensure your guests receive fast service with freshly prepared food. The food they eat and the waiting time they spend till it arrive at their table are critical factors to their return visits.


NCR Aloha kitchen production software and hardware help enhance your customer satisfaction, reduce labor costs, minimize kitchen errors and reduce food waste. Aloha Kitchen  is the most innovative and intuitive kitchen production technology today. It drives efficiency within table service and quick service kitchen environments. It enables the kitchen staff to perform well and focus solely on food quality.


It has bright touch screen optional graphical displays, robust reporting capabilities and quote time calculators. Operators benefit from better analysis, enhanced organization of items and controlled timing functionality.


Aloha Kitchen Software is easily configurable to suit your specific needs and gives you the following benefits –


* Better speed of food service by control and focus on check times.
* Enhanced customer satisfaction by serving their orders accurately.
* Streamlined kitchen staff performance and increased productivity based on gathered data.
* Configurable settings according to your kitchen’s needs including screen design, key metrics and sorting options.
* Your dishes are prepared the same way, every time with the ability to add recipes, images or videos for each item.


Call now and let NCR Aloha Kitchen provide you with a first rate kitchen performance.

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