POS Customer Displays

NCR POS customer displays


Most customers want to view their purchases during checkout with all the necessary transaction information. NCR POS Customer Displays were made available to provide all the basic pricing information, weights and measures to your customers and is a great complement to your total point-of-sale solution.


POS customer displays are flexible for any environment and designed to keep your business competitive with global enterprises. Our products will work wherever you plan to expand your business. Where applicable, our offers include weights and measures certifications, Euro and double-byte character support.


These POS hardware products are designed for restaurant environments. Ongoing support costs are minimized. Application integration is simplified with NCR’s support.


Key Features

  • Supports video and still images
  • Supports different videos and images for different day parts
  • Provides important transaction data


POS customer displays are offered for either indoor or outdoor use to best meet your requirements. No matter which one you choose, all of the displays were designed and built for restaurants to give you the quality and long life you need. Pair it with one of the NCR point-of-sale terminals to create a customized solution for your stores.


Call us now and place your order. Let our POS customer displays complete your point-of-sale solutions requirements.


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